Death in Berlin

Death In Berlin by M.M. Kaye

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Maybe because this was a sadder time and setting, but I didn’t enjoy this Kaye as much as the previous Death In… titles I have read.

Other than with the two main characters Kaye shows her usual gift for characterisation and dialogue. Miranda is a very colourless heroine. So is the hero, Simon. I really was starting to wonder (view spoiler)[if a romance would eventuate – finally happened on the last couple of pages. (hide spoiler)]

I also think though that this was in part the construction of the book, as it felt like Kaye was going to originally try her hand at an Agatha Christie style murder mystery and then went more for her usual exotic setting and mystery. Some scenes really felt like filler.Also I’m noticing that Kaye heroines seem to work out what is the stupidest, most dangerous action for the heroine to take and then she does just that. Exasperating to a 21st century reader.

This book was heading for a 2★ rating, but I was slow to guess the villain and the denouement was genuinely thrilling, but i would not describe this book as a “must read.”

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