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Foggydale Farm Jam Sessions

Foggydale Farm Jam Sessions by Linda Hallinan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m going to be a bit soft with my rating for this book because…

✔ New Zealand Author

✔ Borrowed from the library so I didn’t pay for the book.

✔ The two recipes I have made so far (Blackberry Jam and Tomatillo Salsa) have been really good. I am still licking my lips after sampling the salsa.

I probably should have added more coriander (cilantro)* for a greener colour, but the taste is delicious.

As good as the Blackberry Jam is , it only had four ingredients and I could have got the recipe from anywhere. I really think, in spite of all the hassles picking the berries, Blackberry may be my favourite jam.

It is just that this book is trying to be too many things. Coffee table (and the black cover hasn’t worn well) gardening tips, pretty but largely irrelevant photos (Jamie Oliver has a lot to answer for!) chat about Hallinan’s family life. The gardening tips are ok, but for the rest I like my cookbooks to be cookbooks – i.e. they need to work for their place in my home!

But in winter I will probably borrow again to make the Peach (I’m going to be lazy and make the tinned version) or Cape Gooseberry Jams. I run a small Airbnb and am constantly on the lookout for new recipes.

* We will have a falling out if you try to tell me I should be calling the leaves cilantro – in New Zealand the whole plant is called coriander.…

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