Arrest the Bishop?

Arrest the Bishop? by Winifred Peck


I wish Ms Peck had written more than two detective stories because other than the beginning and the end, this one was very readable.

I know these are very big quibbles! 😀

The beginning was a confused mess which meant it took me a long time to get into this story, but I would have still given this title 4★ if it wasn’t for the long, boring post-mortem at the end. Several pages of tedium.

In the middle there were a few lulls but this was still a fascinating look at ecclesiastical life. A blackmailing, evil, drunken man of God – now there is a twist!

Ulder certainly knew how to make an entrance!

…Ulder brushed him aside. For a minute he stood looking around him in malevolent triumph, holding out his hand Then suddenly he caught the back of a chair, staggered and groaned. Next moment there was a heavy crash and fall, and before that motionless circle of spectators the parson lay motionless and livid, while lilies from a vase fell, like a grotesque wreath,across his chest as the water dripped on his unconscious head.

Hmmm… a good copy editor should have caught the double use of “motionless.”

Now the story (for the most part) took off. Peck is very good at characterisation with my personal favourite being the Bishop’s flighty daughter, Judith. Very good plot and an engaging amateur detective.

A wonderful period piece!…

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