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The Persian Ransom

The Persian Ransom by Evelyn Anthony

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Edge of the seat excitement!

I have quite a few Evelyn Anthony novels, mainly acquired from Little Free Libraries & the like, but I have never read one of her books – until now!

Anthony turned to writing thrillers because the mid twentieth century historical market was saturated. Don’t go into this book expecting the softer edges of a Mary Stewart novel. One of the things I loved about this book was that i wasn’t sure what the outcome for anyone was going to be. There were quieter spots, but they were needed for the admittedly minimal character development – and because (view spoiler)[ there would be quiet times in a hostage situation. (hide spoiler)]

The chauvinist remarks I don’t think (but don’t know) reflected Anthony’s own point of view – she was the main money earner in her marriage – & wasn’t shy about saying so! In 1994 She became the first female High Sheriff of Essex in 700 years. Quite an honour. I’m not so sure about the generalisations about the Syrian & Iranian character. A modern writer wouldn’t use them – but this is a twentieth century book.

I found the ending both satisfying and realistic.

Highly recommended.…

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