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Dark Desires

Dark Desires by Eve Silver

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

My reasons for reading this novel were not my usual reasons.

❤ The stunning cover. I mean, just look at it! (you will have to look on Goodreads. I’m struggling to post images now for some reason)
One of my favourite covers of all time.
❤ Kindle freebie.

OK I’m lying. These are quite usual reasons for me! 😅

But the third reason is not so usual.

These six books keep being made into a series and I don’t think this is a series by Goodreads standards. A series on Goodreads should have a character, setting or an overarching story line in common – & that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Dark Gothic is a theme not a series – otherwise all Victoria Holt‘s books would be a series.

I’ll discuss here in a few days why readers should be glad Goodreads has set this standard.

So…seduced by the incredible cover, I was entranced and intrigued by the first chapter & the horrible position the destitute Darcie was in. But after that things started to plateau and then go downhill. Darcie (not a usual female name in nineteenth century England) & the hero’s attraction never seemed real to me & multiple depictions of the hero’s grey eyes do not a character make. I became bored.

DNF at 34%. Supposedly. This book finishes at 93%.…

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