by Becky Manawatu

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I thought I had thought of a wildly original opening for my review – a dictionary definition of Auē.

But a few other Goodreads reviewers have also had the same thought. It is both an expression of both astonishment or distress.

I finished this book last night – & I couldn’t sleep, the story is so powerful & heartbreaking to read. This is the story of two young brothers, trying to make their way in this world as best they can.

This book is 5★ for me because of it’s pure, emotional impact. But this reader doesn’t like multiple POV or ping-pong timelines. & I will say I think there is a fault in these timelines. But flawed or not, nothing literary has hit me as hard as this book in a very long time, so 5★ it is.

I don’t do trigger warnings in my reviews, but I will say if you need them this book won’t be the book for you. So you have been warned.

Further reading.

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