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Killed at the Whim of a Hat

by Colin Cotterill

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Our local library became sick of members vandalising books to record what they thought about the read, so they now stick a sheet of paper at the front of the book & members can put their mark there. Quite often they place one line reviews – especially if they hate the book! Yes, I know they could join Goodreads & record that way instead, but they don’t.

I was sick, so my husband picked up my book list for me.

If I had been on my feet this and the tepid reviews from most of my friends might have made me put this particular book back on the shelf.

I was pretty unenthusiastic about [book:The Coroner’s Lunch|243353] but I found enough to like that I thought I might like a different series by Cotterill better.

Cotterill captured the slightly off kilter feeling I have had both times I was in Thailand and there were some genuinely funny lines. Sometimes the story was really interesting and sometimes I didn’t have any trouble putting this book aside for days on end.

For most of the book I was enjoying it more than [book:The Coroner’s Lunch|243353]. But a terrible ending meant that only one of the mysteries was resolved. I felt disappointed to be honest.

I have not finished reading series by [author:Vanda Symon|895593], [author:Rex Stout|41112], [author:Erle Stanley Gardner|10214], [author:Dorothy L. Sayers|8734] and [author:Keigo Higashino|117366] Other than the latter, this authors have all been a bit uneven for me (yes,even Sayers!) but even their weakest offerings have been better than the mild liking I feel for Cotterill’s writing.

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