The Draycott Murder Mystery

The Draycott Murder Mystery by Molly Thynne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I didn’t think i would read another Thynne murder mystery after Death in the Dentist’s Chair, because that title was…well…thin! But I had enjoyed the first Thynne I read, & it was a group read at Reading the Detectives. I’m very glad I decided to give Thynne another try. For a debut crime novel (and only Lady Molly’s second book) this was a good effort.

“Hatter” Fayre investigates the murder of the shady Mrs Draycott at the behest of one of his oldest friends, Lady Sybil Keen. There was great scene setting & sparkling dialogue at the start of this novel, but it really lost its way in the middle and reading it felt a bit of a chore. I guessed the murderer at around the 80% mark and then had to wait impatiently for this tale to be resolved and everything – and I do mean everything to be explained. The conversations and unconscious depictions of 1920’s England kept me going and the story was good enough that I didn’t feel I had wasted my reading time.…

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