The Body in the Dumb River

The Body in the Dumb River

The Body in the Dumb River by George Bellairs

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

One beautiful cover.

If I start a review like this you know there is a problem! I loved the previous British Crime Libraries book I read by E.C.R. Lorac (Fell Murder)and couldn’t understand why Lorac has fallen into obscurity. Based on this novel, I’m not having any trouble understanding the same thing about Bellairs.

Mild mannered and diminutive James Teasdale had been living a double life. But who wanted him dead?

By the 40% I no longer cared.

✎ Really dull, pedestrian writing.

At Basilden, he was the only traveller to descend from the train. It was 4 oo’clock and the sun was still shining.In spite of late October, it was warm and dry. The ticket collector had a rose in the lapel of his coat. Littlejohn asked him the way.


✎ Other than Teasdale’s girlfriend and wannabe singer Henry Wood, no characters stood out in a believable way. The Major was a fascinating if gross caricature. The solution seemed unlikely to me.

What lifted the book above 1★
✎ The above mentioned cover.
✎ Martin Edwards informative introduction (which I think shows Bellairs in his heart of hearts never had much faith in his writing ability)
✎ A quirky final outcome. Appealed to my warped sense of humour.

Thanks very much Poisoned Pen Publishers & Net Galley for this review copy and for being happy for me to share my opinions.…

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