Anyone Still Think Goodreads Can Be Trusted With Your Reading Records?

Take a look at this.

A staff member has removed the (admittedly highly offensive) original title from Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

Also in the changelog (so not visible to most members, but I am a GR Librarian) is this mildly threatening note

librarian note for this book (last edited by Goodreads at Apr 16, 2019 09:58AM) 
Please do not change this book’s original title field. Failure to comply may result in the loss of your librarian status. Thank you, The Goodreads Team

So anyone who tries to make the book record more accurate may lose the privilege of working for the world’s wealthiest man for free.

I have no idea what has changed between July 2018 when a staff member thanked me by email for correcting the records when the original title was deleted or changed to another racist title that was used for a while. Staff turnover is pretty high in GRLand, so I’m hoping it is a poorly trained new staff member acting off their own bat.

Stay tuned.

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