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Book Review: Towers of Trebizond

The Towers of Trebizond

The Towers of Trebizond by Rose Macaulay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve changed my mind and I’m awarding the full 5★. I found the ending a bit abrupt and the change in tone quite startling – but it is 20th century. That was the way 20th century fiction rolled!

Or is it fiction? I’ve read a review that describes this novel as a roman à clef which is certainly how it feels. Definitely a satire about the travels of the wide-eyed and guileless Laurie and her travels through Turkey and beyond.

I found this old map helpful;

It isn’t long before you realise the camel (subject of one of the most famous opening lines in literature) isn’t the only one not right in the head!

The Retro Reads Group didn’t think this camel looked deranged enough;

Well, I think it has a distinctly sly and self satisfied expression – & I couldn’t find a picture of an Arabian Dhalur camel – white or otherwise.

Macaulay wrote this book in her late sixties – a remarkable achievement, and possibly a remarkable feet of memory. I really want to do some more research.

Undated photo from my dust jacket

This book is a keeper and as I’m trying to downsize my collection I can’t give higher praise than that!

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