Thunder on the Right

by Mary Stewart

Rating: 3 out of 5.

From the back cover of my copy…

A strange, tense and fast-moving novel set in the Pyrenees…

All true, especially the strange!

I found Stephen & Jenny’s relationship & the machinations of Jenny’s mother quite odd at the start.

I loved the description of a wonderful meal that Jenny enjoyed in the first chapter, but didn’t think the scenery descriptions were as evocative as usual in a MS novel.

Some of the writing was quite clumsy especially Gillian’s amnesia and most of Jennifer’s interactions with the villainous Bussac were pretty high on the “ew” scale for me.

But, once again Mary Stewart wrote a really thrilling finale. I really couldn’t put it down.

It’s funny – I enjoyed [book:My Brother Michael|336409] less but have ranked it a fraction higher on GR. I think that may be the writing skill – or possibly my mood when reading the books.

Death in Cyprus

Death In Cyprus

Death In Cyprus by M.M. Kaye

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book made me think – so much -of the old black & white postcards. I loved looking at them when foreign travel was just a dream for so many people.

I loved this book!

It was light,frothy and fun – for the most part. There is one scene that made me jump out of my chair!

A large caste of characters (including Miss Moon’s house – the house just about seemed to breathe) and I had no problem telling them apart.

I did have to knock off a ★ for a couple of the characters behaving in ways that made zero sense and because Ms Kaye didn’t play fair with the solution. I did guess the murderer – but logic and I aren’t great friends.

Read with the Retro Reads Group. We are hoping to read Death in Berlin In February 2020. Come join us!…

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