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Cold Harbour Gentlemen

by Ann Lee

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The author (aka Abigail Bok) is one of my oldest friends on Goodreads.

Young Harry Steer is being pushed hard, as his father wants him to rise in the world. The endless cramming makes Harry long for adventure – or even for the outdoors! A chance meeting takes Harry along a path that could not only ruin his own life – it could take his family down with him. A smuggler’s life appears glamorous & well paid at first – but everything comes at a cost.

Ms Lee has completely immersed herself in the the world of Darking (now known as Dorking) and has even created a website for this world.  I really enjoyed this adventure, which picked up a lot in the final third. Saying that the ending was a little improbable,  but no matter! Enjoy this rollicking tale!

Tales From Old Japan

by P.D.R. Lindsay

I know p.d.r. from the BLK group & she gave me a copy of this book to read for review. This hasn’t influenced my opinion at all.

Four really charming short stories set in feudal Japan – a country that has always fascinated me.

The stories flowed well and I read them over two sessions. Impeccable editing – which I would expect from p.d.r!

My favourite was the first story – A Scent of Evil – but they were all 4★ for me.