Goodreads Choice Awards 2021- Even Less Choice Now!

I’m a Librarian on Goodreads & I did used to help with the Goodreads Choice Awards – in a very minor capacity. I did enjoy seeing the titles that members nominated – sometimes I even put them on my to-read lists.

But now that is all changed.

I don’t have to make some minor edits – because Goodreads no longer allows write ins.

Goodreads has also reduced the number of categories. Science & Technology has been combined with Nonfiction (no argument from me – the vote numbers were low) But – outrage! Food & Cookbooks have also been combined with Nonfiction. There aren’t many Cookbooks that I read from front cover to back cover. & apparently there wasn’t a single cookbook worthy of a nonfiction nomination this year.

Showing my bias I guess, as celebrity cookbooks are usually among the best selling non fiction in my country.

If I ruled the world & it was really necessary to compress categories I would have put biographies with autobiographies, put history & science with nonfiction. I would definitely left Cookbooks as a separate category as not many people read cookbooks the way they do other non fiction. & I think combining Picture Books with middle grade & children’s is very short sighted. These are the readers of the future.

I am glad they are starting a couple of weeks laterthough.

Disappointing, but no particular skin off my nose. Since books have to be published in the States to be eligible, I have rarely read any of the nominees & prefer to wait a couple of years for the hype to die down.

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