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Supporting Little Free Libraries

Goodreads this week has been promoting Little Free Libraries which are such a wonderful scheme! We do have an unofficial free library in our small town, but I thought I would visit the nearest official one.

This is a bus stop in the coastal village of Ngarimu Bay.

Gorgeous, right? Not immediately obvious that this is a Little Free Library as well. I drove past it for years without noticing. But when you do…

Cute huh? I found so many good books to pounce on (including the very topical A City Possessed by Lynley Hood) that I forgot about taking photos! But this is one of my donations Moon Over the Alps by the late Essie Summers. it is such a nice community – there is often free fruit or seedlings on the bench seat as well.

Afterwards we went for a walk.

A local artist’s home.
Our local beaches aren’t as grand as the ones on the east coast of the peninsula, but this is still pretty – and deserted!

I’ll show you my “local” next week!

I’m Back!

I’ve had a fabulous holiday – in my own country.

I hoped it would also be a book buying/discovering tour but didn’t have enough time in Wellington (I did look longingly at the city’s secondhand bookstores as we went past) most of Featherston’s secondhand bookshops were closed as it was a Monday & simply didn’t find unwanted books on the sparsely populated East Cape.

I did find one unwanted gem on sale at Greytown’s library.

I’ll keep you posted if it is worth something!