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The Marae Visit

by Rebecca Beyer

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I may be the wrong person to review this book as I have only been on a Mārae once in my life. You can’t just wander on to a Mārae, you have to be invited, & once there, you have to respect the cultures of the Māori people.

I like the definition here;

So, I thought this was a good, entry level book for young children, which both showed customs that need to be respected, but that it is also a place where children can have fun & learn traditional games like the pois & tī rākau (stick games) These were among the very small amounts of Māori culture I learned as a child & why I feel so stiff & awkward around it.

I welcome our slow, halting steps towards true biculturalism. Fittingly, this book is in both English & Te Reo.

I liked Nikki Slade Robinson’s softly formed & gentle illustrations very much. (sorry the picture is a little blurry)



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