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The Great Roxhythe

by Georgette Heyer

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

“I doubt it.” My lord smiled insufferably.

Spoilerish second quote. Sorry I can’t figure out how to do spoiler tags on WordPress

Roxhythe laid a hand on his shoulder.

“Chris, you are distraught because you are rudderless. Come back to me!”

“No-no! I cannot! Less than ever now. I-I think I shall go out of my mind soon!”

“Chris, you were so happy with me. Come back!”

“Ah. so happy! It could never be the same again. Do not try to persuade me! I must go- right away , where I shall not see you.”

“Even though I beg you to stay?”

“Yes- even then, my lord. Don’t try to persuade me! It is hard enough as it is.” 

both quotes encapsulate why this book is pretty much unreadable for me. As a tip, that Georgette Heyer as a naïve 20/21 year old when she unintentionally wrote this gay romance! Other than the spoilered quote above, this wasn’t funny the second time around. Georgette Heyer’s brother has described his sister as so square she was practically cubed. GH definitely didn’t intend for this novel to be a gay romance!

I don’t think that books about royal intrigues are for me. This book was wwwaaayyy too talky-talky for me! No action happens for very long stretches.

Christopher Dart, who takes a position as Roxhythe’s secretary, is an attractive character at the start, but by the end his rigid morals & behaving like a lovesick teenager start to pall. I would say by the time Chris makes his final appearance in the book he is around 32/33 which in those days would have been considered middle aged. It just doesn’t ring true for me at all.

This book only gets an extra half star for a reasonably good beginning and because My Lord John and Helen are so much worse. Don’t bother looking for my review for those two – I read them before I joined Goodreads and I am never going to read them again!

Even if you are a Heyer completist I would skip this one.


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