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The Rasp

by Philip MacDonald

Rating: 4 out of 5.

For anyone who (like me) is carpentry-challenged here is a picture of a rasp.

Should have looked that up before reading the book as I’m having to adjust my vision of the murder.

Colonel Gethyn is called in to help solve the murder of the popular and talented British Cabinet Minister. In the hands of MacDonald, Gethyn suffers a lot from Women Want Him, Men Want to be Him Syndrome, which can grate at time (or maybe I should say rasp!)

The story moves along reasonably well at first with good dialogue and I enjoyed the romances. Where the book falls down for me (& this is unfortunately common in Golden Age mysteries) is all the exposition at the end about whodunnit & how Superman Gethyn solved it. I did notice at 85% on my kindle that this was getting rather long. Completely dragged the story down & it took me two days to read this part.

Still a good tale that I am happy to have read.

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