Silver Pigs

by Lindsey Davis

I liked this novel, but given many of my GR friends love this book/series, I was expecting to enjoy it just a little bit more.

Silver pigs had me thinking;

but they were actually really heavy lead ingots that had been filled with silver & stolen from Roman Britain. Marcus Didius Falco, a wisecracking Roman imperial agent is on the case after (view spoiler) I will say the spoilered plot development took me completely by surprise. (view spoiler)

This book has a lot of detail. Ms Davis really knows her stuff! I thought I was going to catch her out on the use of coriander in Roman cooking, but no – it did grow in Southern Europe back then. But all the detail & twists in the plot really slowed the plot down. I like my hard boiled detective fiction to move a bit faster than this one did.

Saying that, I do own quite a few Falco novels & I am sure I will read the next couple of Falco novels eventually.

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