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The Abundant Garden : A Practical Guide To Growing A Regenerative Home Garden

by Niva & Yotam Kay, Jane Usher (photographer)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Saying I know Yotam & Niva is pushing it, as where I know them from is the Saturday markets in our town, when I was often served by a smiling, curly haired young man or a serene dark haired young woman.. But my husband has done one of Yotam’s workshops about basic vegetable gardening. Marty came home really inspired- & I soon became sick of the words “Yotam says…” Marty had already developed a strong interest in vegetable & fruit tree gardening (he isn’t keen on plants he can’t eat!) in part due to the ever rising price of all food in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Other than my herbs (& Marty has now muscled in on those too!) I’m not a keen gardener, but I am enjoying reaping the benefits!

How did the Kays get a book deal? I’ve been told someone employed at Allen & Unwin (NZ) did one of Yotam’s workshops, was impressed & said he should write a book. Yotam & Niva did just that, one of Aotearoa’s best photographers ([author:Jane Ussher|7136545]) took some amazing photos & the book became a runaway best seller. Unfortunately the publisher seriously underestimated demand & what with COVID & the book being printed overseas, we had to wait quite some time for our second edition copy.

The book is very well laid out, with lots of photos, b/w drawings & graphs. The Kays think about gardening in a different way from anyone else I’ve seen. For example, Yotam doesn’t turn (dig) the garden over, as you lose the top 4 inches of nutrients. Instead he just forks it.

Quite a different way for us Kiwis to think about gardening. But the proof is in the pudding (so to speak)

From the back cover;

Other than the tomatoes & flowers (we grow our own tomatoes & you won’t catch Marty eating flowers!) I’ve eaten all of these from Yotam’s stall. I particularly recommend the baby turnips. The products are always fresh & tasty.

I know this book is available in Australia – I hope it is available throughout the Southern Hemisphere. & Yotam is supposedly working on a cookbook now.

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