Jeremy Poldark

by Winston Graham

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Do you think that Ross is settled down after all his trouble?”

“I always feel,” Dwight said, “That Ross is like a volcano. He may be quiet forever – or erupt tomorrow.”

A very good summary of Ross’s character!

This is the third book in a row in this series, & once again it is a 5★ read for me. Once again the book is a mixture of romance, adventure, humour (in the most unexpected places) & Ross’s prickly, difficult character.

& the good doctor (Dwight Enys) looks to be once again heading for an unsuitable romance. I can’t wait to start Vol 4.

One thing that baffles me. This book was originally titled Venture Once More – a far better title than Jeremy Poldark, given that Jeremy doesn’t make his appearance until the end of the book. 

Mysterious are the ways of the publishing world!

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