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by Michelle Holman

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I read another one of Ms Holman’s titles Hand Me Down a couple of years ago – & for me it was a very flawed read. I was told that this book, Bonkers, was Ms Holman’s best work.


It was an interesting premise -an angel swaps the souls of two woman at the point of death- and nice Lisa ends up in the body of bad Linda – whose husband hates her. (and bad Linda ends up dead in Lisa’s body) Sounds awful doesn’t it, but for the first third watching Lisa navigate her new life was very entertaining. Unfortunately, lots of the book was exactly like Hand Me Down – dragged on way too long! Maybe Ms Holman had to reach a minimum book length and instead of creating a second book for secondary characters she had become fond of, went to absurd lengths to give even minor characters a happy ending. This was as painful as I have made it sound.

I gave Hand Me Down 3★, but even though I prefer this book, I just can’t go higher than three.

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