Fear Stalks the Village

by Ethel Lina White

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I loved Ethel Lina White’s The Lady Vanishes but only liked this book, & find it hard to believe that there was only four years difference between the publishing dates, as I remember The Lady Vanishes as being a far more accomplished book.

What I did like was the sense of place White gave with her description of village life. The village did sound too good to be true – which of course it was! Ignatious Brown was an interesting in character detective & I’m trying to allow for the fact that this book was first published in 1932 so was groundbreaking for it’s time.

But I didn’t like the way that a character, who appeared important when she was introduced, completely disappeared. & Fear is given a physical (& fanciful appearance) Didn’t work for me & I found the resolution both unsatisfying and over the top.

I have another couple of White books on my Kindle & I liked this book well enough that I will read them in the future.

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