Georgette Heyer’s Regency England

by Teresa Cris, Arthur Barbosa(Illustrator)

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I think this is the book I wanted to read Barbosa: The Man Who Drew Flashman 

I did know from the tepid reviews on Goodreads that I was likely to be disappointed in this book, but I am a big fan of Barbosa’s artwork.

& so it proved, but the Barbosa book pictured is selling on ABE books for a minimum of US$142. That becomes an eye-popping sum in NZ$, even without international shipping charges!

I didn’t know (but I should have realised) that Barbosa was also the cover artist for the Flashman books.

I’ll certainly look out for these hardcovers!

I know him mainly from his covers for Georgette Heyer. Barbosa was her favourite cover artist. This is my favourite out of his Heyer covers;

I think this one;

inspired the cover for Ms Cris’s book;

Looks more of a saucy minx here, doesn’t she? GH would never have approved!

Frankly the cover is the best thing about this book, although I also love Barbosa’s b/w drawings.

The Barbosa maps are gorgeous, but would be too small for most to use on a walking tour around London and the other towns mentioned (maybe they could be printed larger if anyone wanted to use them) The most interesting thing for me was seeing how close places like the exclusive gaming club Watier’s were to the private residences – explains why so many Heyer men chose to walk places – & why so many Heyer heroines were frustrated by not being permitted to walk alone!

Other than that there are some typos/mistakes near the start of the book. It was like a small section missed being edited/checked. & I think Ms Cris found there wasn’t enough material to make a book, so she resorted to giving spoilerish examples from GH’s books, rather than just mentioning that this had appeared in one GH book. I was reading The Foundling at the time and she mentioned a minor plot point that I had forgotten. Anyone who knows me know I hate spoilers & unfortunately they seem to always feature in works about Heyer & her books. I was going to give this example, but I didn’t note it down & this book doesn’t have an index.

Knowing this book was going to be disappointing didn’t stop me being disappointed.

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