Lady Susan

by Jane Austen

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Possible alternative titles…

Lady Fortune Hunter?

Mistress of Deceit?

Mommie Dearest?

This early work (written around 1794, but not published until 1871* well after JA’s death) was Jane as I had never seen her!

This is the first time an epistolary novel has truly worked for me and it works because all the characters are completely unguarded in their letters.

My dear Alicia, of what a mistake were you guilty in marrying a man of his age! Just old enough to be formal, ungovernable, and to have the gout; too old to be agreeable, too young to die.

I was really surprised by how ruthless Lady Susan was and I do have a sneaking admiration for her, although I pity her daughter and anyone else who gets in her way!

Facts are such horrid things!

Like that ever stopped Lady S!

Readable and great fun! Even if you don’t normally enjoy JA’s books you might like this one!

* I’m really surprised this was originally published in the Victorian era when this novel is so amoral!

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