The Other One

by Colette

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

“She is made for moderate emotions, ash-blonde sorrow.”

I read a lot of Colette when I was young – she seemed to be very popular with Auckland librarians of the time! But until I found this book in a local charity shop, I have been unsuccessful locating her works.

I liked this book without loving it. As another reviewer says, it feels very French. The translation by Elizabeth Tait & Roger Senhouse feels authentic and natural.

While I found Fanny & Jane’s alliance interesting, I never really cared about them. I certainly didn’t like Farou or his son.

Beautiful writing, but it didn’t touch me. This won’t stop me searching for Colette’s better known books.

2 thoughts on “The Other One”

  1. Hi Carol, great GR 2021 review BTW! I share your enthusiasm for Colette and have just discovered a fair few listed on the Biblio website by the Hard to Find Bookstore in Dunedin. I have a few of hers that I’m happy to lend also FWIW? I’ve just discovered her Claudine novels from Vintage in the Remaindered bin at a local Whitcoulls but am missing Claudine in Paris! I wonder if they might be possibly too YA though?


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