Goodreads Choice Awards

Have rolled around and for me as a New Zealander they have become even more meaningless with write ins no longer allowed and Cookbooks no longer a category.

I’ll explain. Write ins meant that there was a miniscule hope that one day a book by a Kiwi author would be published in the States and (a big and) I would like the book enough to nominate it. No chance of that now.

Cookbooks- I just like the eye candy of outsize cookbooks.

While I’m on a roll I’ll mention that combining Picture Books with Middle School books seems very short sighted on Goodreads/Amazon’s part. These are the readers of the future after all.

So this year I didn’t vote at all. I am expecting at some point to get around to reading The Plot and The Wife Upstairs but I’m not in any rush. Many of my Goodreads friends felt a bit meh about all the fiction nominations.

Thoughts everyone?

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