by Jo Baker

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Rating (or even thinking about) this book has given me a bit of a dilemma.

It isn’t a bad book and some parts were quite interesting – but I’m just not enjoying it. And I’m looking at my physical ‘to-read’ shelf (yes, I’m such a Goodreader that I do have a physical shelf as well as my virtual ones on Goodreads) There are around 60 books on it – & I want to read at least 58 of them more than I want to finish this book!

Since I was an adult I haven’t wanted to be born at any time other than around ten years before I was (it would have been really cool to be a teen in the Swinging Sixties!) I’ve never thought I was descended from British Royalty or Admiral Nelson! I’m from good farming stock & I guess the best fate for a nineteenth century me would have been a milkmaid. I certainly wouldn’t have been a second Elizabeth Bennett!

So while I found the start, showing the very hard life that Sarah (one of the maids) had interesting and thought provoking, my attention did start wandering. Some things like (view spoiler) Just seemed unlikely. Then there was one very violent scene, which had me literally drop the book with shock.

So this book would be good book for some readers. Just not this reader.

DNF at 27%

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