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A Vegetable Cookbook

by Digby Law

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Very little is known about the shy and reclusive Kiwi cook, the late Digby Law, other than he died in 1987 & he loved vegetables. Digby used to spend a lot of his free time working on his father’s vegetable garden – & then cooking or preserving the results!

So many vegetables in this COVID world have been so expensive – I have yet to find my favourite (asparagus) at a price I can afford. But what has been affordable is beetroot – one of my husband’s favourites. & the beetroot (beets to some of you) we have been buying has such a wonderfully earthy taste! I have used Digby’s [book:A Pickle and Chutney Cookbook|9381122] & preserved beetroot three different ways, but we have beetroot coming out of our ears still, so I was looking for ways to serve the beetroot as a vegetable. & any time I experience a vegetable glut, of course I turn to Digby!

I loved his Beetroot and Apple Salad – of course the beetroot bled all over the salad. So it looked – different. However, the caper garnish was a very nice touch! I’ve also made Harvard Beets & Sweet-Sour Beets- the Harvard Beets was the nicer of the two. Next might be Beetroot with Caraway Seeds. Love Caraway.

We have an avocado tree & I don’t usually have any trouble thinking of ways to eat the avos! But this book happened to fall open at the recipe for Avocado Stuffing for Roast Chicken. I just had to try this one.

However – disaster. The two avocados I hid from my husband

set aside for this were bad! I only had one other – very small- ripe avocado. Since I had paid an outrageous price for one tomato I still went ahead.

After stuffing the chicken cavity, I still had enough for what my Canadian mother used to call ‘Dressing.’

So pretty! After cooking in the oven it looked like this;

The chicken stuffing was very nice, but the cooked dressing was really delicious, served cold the next day! I will certainly make again when our own tomatoes are in season.

I’m looking longingly (still) at the asparagus recipes. I’d really like to recreate the soufflé.

Watch this space!

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