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A Midsummer’s Equation

by Keigo Higashino

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When I read The Devotion of Suspect X & Salvation of a Saint I was reminded of Chess or Shogi;

With this title (the third Detective Galileo novel published in English) I am reminded more of a kaleidoscope;

Where there are a lot of repetitive and blurry images that eventually become clear when you get to the resolution of the book – the true centre.

There were a lot of issues that resonated with me as I live in a touristy part of New Zealand (back when we had tourists) and the trade offs that are involved with having tourists, having other businesses operating and really wanting to enjoy a tranquil unspoilt world. And we have had plenty of battles with mining companies too! Some of these issues are repeated maybe too much. Others do have a point.

do have a point (hide spoiler)].)

A Higoshino read seems to always be a read that needs patience. But you will be rewarded.

I’m looking forward to reading Silent Parade next year.

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