Real Tigers

by Mick Herron

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A real page turner!

& this was very welcome as I have just had a DNF on a very turgid book!

Slough House has two more operatives- although I am using ‘operative’ in the loosest sense of the word. Slough House is where failed MI5 spies go to finish out their working days – or hopefully take the hint & retire gracefully from the field. (view spoiler)

Nobody left Slough House at the end of a working day feeling like they’d contributed to the security of the nation. They left it feeling like their brains had been fed through a juicer.

This time one of the more likeable pen pushers operatives has been kidnapped & Jackson Lamb’s failures prove that they still have their guts, ambition & a certain crazy loyalty. I found the book nearly impossible to put down.

My only quibbles are that Lamb is getting ever more gross (seriously it sounds like the man never takes a shower) & that most of the Slow Horses (with the exception of Jackson, River & Catherine) seem to speak with the same voice. It does make it hard to distinguish between the characters.

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