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The Last Noo-Noo

by Jill Murphy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I was so sad to read that Jill Murphy has recently died from cancer. I loved many of her children’s books when my own kids were young – I loved the clever way they were written on two levels, so that adults also had a bit of a chuckle!

Marlon’s granny (who reminds me very much of my NZ grandmother!) thinks Marlon is far too old to still be sucking on a dummy/Noo-noo/pacifier.

“Well, whatever he calls it,” said Marlon’s granny, “he looks like an idiot with that stupid great thing stuck in his mouth all the time.”

But neither his abrasive granny or the local bullies can get Marlon to give the Noo-Noo up until he is good and ready!

I laughed all the way through. Still love the ending.

Found a free reading on You tube

I don’t particularly like this reading but it gives you a taster. And a chance to see Ms Murphy’s wonderful artwork!

RIP, Jill. You will be greatly missed.

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