Mozart: The Man Behind the Music

by Donovan Bixley

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Despite being one of the greatest musical geniuses, he disdained high-brow musical jargon. Instead music was a living thing, something to be pranced about the room, or taken for a little stroll.

This was charming, but not as charming as Bixley’s Much Ado About Shakespeare That work had a lot of vitality right from the beginning, whereas with this tale I wasn’t as engaged by the prose or the artwork when Wolfgang was a child.

But once Wolfgang becomes a teen the story really takes off and shows this fascinating man as the complex being he was. I loved the little pieces of trivia (for example, the Prages Estates Theatre is the only theatre still standing where Mozart actually worked.)

This book is a keeper for sure.

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