Rhodendron Pie

by Margery Sharp

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Firstly, thanks to my very good Goodreads friend, Abigail, for sending me a copy of this book. I enjoyed it very much!

Abigail is a retired proofreader, & all the typos & missed punctuation obviously drove her bonkers as she has put little proofreaders marks right through the book! 😊 Was the original this poorly edited or have the mistakes crept in on this edition? I guess I’ll never know!

Still need to give Dean Street Press big ups for rescuing this gem from obscurity – it was Ms Sharp’s first book and hadn’t been republished since 1930!

The father of the Laventie children had passed on to his two elder children both his artistic inclinations & his really odious air of self satisfaction. (although Elizabeth is nothing like as bad as her male relatives) He hasn’t noticed that his daughter Ann is more, well… ordinary & aspires to quite a different life. When it looks like Father, Dear, Father will try to thwart this, help comes from a surprising source!

Sharp out Thirkells ([authorimage:Angela Thirkell|142160]) throughout this book. She is far more perceptive, far more witty & Sharp only falters with a slightly clumsy ending – total forgivable in a first novel when the writer was only 24!

I will definitely search for more of her adult books – although some of the old hardbacks (including this one!) are an absolutely eye watering price!

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