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Goddess Muscle

by Karlo Mila

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

The poetry book is literally the complete package!

A beautiful cover, great artwork inside, really impressive design..

At over 200 pages, this is much longer than your usual NZ poet’s book & spans a decade of creativity.

No subject is out of bounds for Ms Mila. She covers love, politics, J.C. Sturm and her husband, the gifted poet (but appalling human being James K. Baxter) ancestry and her Creative New Zealand Fulbright Pacific Writer’s Residency in Hawaii. The poetry can be gentle, angry, lyrical, reflective,topical. These are poems with muscle.

This amazing collection only made it as far as the longlist at this year’s Ockham’s (NZ Book Awards) I am part way through the shortlisted Magnolia, 木蘭[image] and that is lovely, but far more delicate than this one.

The variety of Aotearoa’s poets has me excited.

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