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The Future of Work: Compulsory

by Martha Wells

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m starting this review with some exciting news! Edit; well, it was exciting two months ago – I’m waaaay behind with my blog!

Goodreads has had a change in policy on some items previously considered Not a Book (NABs) You can read about it in the Librarians Group Please read the whole thread before commenting, as some things won’t change. (for example no, Goodreads isn’t going to remove old books that don’t have ISBNs, stories like Cat Pictures Please that haven’t been published individually will still be merged into the magazine or anthology they originally appeared in) but little gems like this particular short story will be able to be reviewed. The catch is, when a librarian who does these sort of edits comes across them, the author will be changed to NOT A BOOK until they are published individually or in a collection. But I think this is a step forward as reviews will be preserved.

Martha Wells & her Murderbot series has long been recommended to me & this wonderful little story The Future of Work: Compulsory appeared on Wired. You can read it

I loved this story that did remind me (a lot) of Naomi Kritzer’s Cat Pictures Please. Quirky & funny is a science fiction sub genre I can definitely get behind. 5★

My library system doesn’t carry any of Ms Wells books. I’m seriously considering requesting that they start!

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