Murder in Stained Glass

by Margaret Armstrong

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Armstrong has a bright and breezy writing style and a glimpse of her real life world (Armstrong was from a wealthy background in real life and her father was a stained glass artist) I was very envious of her female gumshoe’s life style (a Park Ave apartment!) & I do wish Armstrong’s detective, Miss Trumbull, had made more than just this one appearance in detective fiction.

Unfortunately, although Trumbull’s foibles were endearing, a lot of her actions didn’t make much sense. There was one heart stopping moment when Trumbull realises who the murderer is though and the book is an interesting snap shot of wealthy 1930s USA.

If the murderer had a motive though I missed it!

Recommended as a light, escapist read.

& an interesting bit of trivia. Armstrong was a talented professional artist. She designed the cover which is beautiful, but not relevant to the book!

Cover of edition I own

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