The Lonely Skier

by Hammond Innes

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was my first Innes book & it quite definitely won’t be my last!

Post World War Two, ex-soldier & ex-journalist Neil Blair is down on his luck. A chance meeting with another former soldier in London sees him travelling to Cortina to write a film script. It all sounds too good to be true – & it is!

I liked Neil & there were parts of the story I found genuinely thrilling, such as the ski run from hell. I did used to ski (very badly) and the narrative perfectly captured the out of control feeling of being on a ski slope that was just too hard for you – & I never had anyone wishing me harm! There was also one funny & quite bizarre scene which I won’t spoil for other readers. And the ending was well done and I could see it working well on film.

But some things were a bit too implausible for me – in particular anything to do with photographer, Joe. A few parts dragged – surprising in such a short book.

But the best parts show a writer who can have you on the edge of your chair.

I own another five Innes titles & I look forward to reading them.

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