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Goodreads Support & Goodreads Librarians are not Interchangeable Terms!

I thought I really should start doing more with my blog space then just reposting my Goodreads reviews.

So I’ll start with this:

I was reading some blog posts on WordPress and I came upon one that interested me. This blogger was going to write to Goodreads Librarians about a copyright issue. She duly posted her message which she said she sent to Goodreads Librarians. All well and good – except she didn’t.

She would have sent her message to Support (Staff). Goodreads Librarians are volunteers who do the book cataloging and correct quotes & stuff like that. We don’t receive copies of these messages/emails – ever.

Goodreads Librarians have little to no influence over Goodreads policies. There are many things we can’t help with. I know because I am a Goodreads Librarian!

There are many things we can’t help with:

* Spammers

*Trolls & other bullies

*Any bugs or anything not working properly on the Goodreads

*Book ratings

*Book reviews

*Becoming a Goodreads Author or Librarian

*In most cases Goodreads Giveaways (but if there is some missing information we may be able to fill that in. Usually though you will need Support.)

* Changes to Goodreads Policies about pretty much anything

For all of those issues you need Support (Staff) You have contacted staff already and haven’t heard back? Sorry, still can’t help. With millions of members & a relatively small staff sometimes queries to them aren’t answered the same day – or even the same week. You just have to be patient.

Neither Staff nor Librarians;

“I read this wonderful book over ten years ago and all I remember is that it was set in Canada & the heroine was a florist who always wore pink.”

Try a wonderful GR group called What’s the Name of that Book. They have had a lot of successes.

Ahhh, I feel better now!

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