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by Nadia Lim

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

How do you solve a problem like… Nadia?
How do you get her to stop posting unnecessary photos and other padding in her cookbooks – & keep it down?

My husband (no book critic) pointed this out to me! It was page 40 before we got to the first recipe. It is a shame that after a big improvement with Let’s Eat! that she has gone back to her old ways.

My husband & I are obviously in the minority. Beloved NZ magazine The Listener has this book as the second most popular cookbook in New Zealand for 2020. (the Number One is Supergood by another NZ Masterchef winner, Chelsea Winter) So I don’t think Ms Lim will change a winning formula.

On to the positives. The recipes are outstanding! I do emphasise it isn’t Nadia’s pictures of how her food looks that I object to – it is the endless brunch/dinner party and ones of Nadia & her family. One or two fine – more than that. Too much. I’ve said it before & I will say it again – Jamie Oliver has a lot to answer for.

Ms Lim is a qualified nutritionist/dietician so her food is nutritionally sound and her love of colour shows in every meal.

As I said in my update on Goodreads, my husband rebelled at the idea of chick pea burgers but after not being able to taste the pork mince will try them next time. The Laksa was really good (thanks to Angie for the suggestion) I would just comment though that this book was conceived before Coronavirus & now some foreign ready made sauces/pastes are in short supply here. Plus I live in a small town.I had a lot of trouble getting ready made laksa paste & hope that in future books Nadia does from scratch recipes. The Balsamic Roast Beets with lentils & haloumi – outstanding!

So far the highlight for me has been the BBQ Orzo Pasta Salad – it is full of my favourite things! (sun dried tomatoes, olives, asparagus…)

In the future I want to try Roast Radishes, Turkish Watermelon Salad & many more of the recipes.

Amazing recipes and Nadia tries to avoid sugar.

Update since creating this review on Goodreads;

The Roast Beets weren’t to my taste – I so much prefer them raw!

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