The Nickle Nackle Tree

by Lynley Dodd

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In the Manglemunching Forest there’s a Nickle Nackle tree, Growing Nickle Nackle berries that are red as red can be.

My children have been adults now for quite some time, but I still remember how much they both loved this story and would say the lines along with me. (I still knew the opening lines!) This story helped them learn to count.

I wish the family copy hadn’t disappeared. My suspicion is that it (& quite a few of their other childhood books) disappeared when I handed them a rubbish bag & told them to clean up – properly this time. Sigh.

As always, beautiful artwork and wonderfully rich use of language.

I have bought the board book version for a 10 month old nephew but I would recommend for up to the age of four, or even a bit older if the child is struggling with counting.

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