Helen and the Go-Go Ninjas

by Ant Sang & Michael Bennett

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Read as part of a Bingo Challenge with the BLK Group on Goodreads and my first graphic novel.

I already had this on one of my to-read lists, but I should have known that it wouldn’t be for me.

Pretty much the only criteria it filled for a Carol Read was that it was by Kiwi Authors and it had a ‘green’ message.

But I didn’t mind the masculine cast of the heroine’s features – it made her look exotic. But all the women looked masculine.

On most pages I didn’t like the colour palette.


Fairly violent.

The rules for this challenge were pretty relaxed and I should have grabbed an Asterix the Gaul comic instead.

Just because it wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean it won’t be for you.

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