The Clocks

by Agatha Christie

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I had read this one after all! It didn’t sound at all familiar, but I remembered when I started reading Edna’s musings.

This isn’t one of Christie’s best (yet another the Christies that feature espionage always feel a little creaky!) but it is a pleasant way to while away the hours. Lots of literary musings of both real & imagined authors.

“I have read also,” he said, “some of the early works of Mrs.Ariadne Oliver. She is by way of being a friend of mine,and of yours, I think. I do not wholly approve of her works, mind you. The happenings in them are highly improbable. The long arm of coincidence is far too freely employed. And being young at the time, she was foolish enough to make her detective a Finn, and it is clear that she knows nothing about Finns or Finland except possibly the works of Sibelius.”

Christie was taking a sly dig at herself, especially since this book trades heavily on coincidence – more heavily than any other Christie I recall.

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