We Are Here: An Atlas of Aotearoa

by Chris McDowall & Tim Denee

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Back in my school days, I neither liked or was any good at, maths. But I did like statistics and graphs and did OK in those classes.

And I’m a very visual learner, so something that I am shown makes more impression than something I am told about.

So this is the perfect book for me!

My favourable impressions started with the cover;

I love blue and orange together so this really caught my eye, when I was browsing through this year’s Ockham Award winners (NZ Book Awards)

And these aren’t dry facts and figures using a pie chart!

For example tracking the movements of 100 pet cats over a period of seven days in suburban Wellington.

Their owners may be surprised at how far “Marmite”, “Zeus” and the other felines travelled!

This is a big book, both in terms of food for thought and size so it isn’t easy for me to scan the covers. But here is a map of New Zealand showing the hospitals we had in 1985.

Just too depressing to show the 2018 map.

This book may become historic quite quickly. I’m wondering if Chris and Tim have thought about a membership only website to keep their statistics current. Or a friend on Goodreads suggested maybe an international series.

When we are out of these troubled times of course!

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