Salvation of a Saint

by Keigo Higashino

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I have no idea why it took me so long to get back to this series, when I enjoyed [book:The Devotion of Suspect X|8686068] so much!

It may be a case of “Ooh look, shiny!” as new books cross my Goodreads path, but it is more likely that the number of group reads I do & my devotion to twentieth century fiction crowd even the ablest of modern writers out. Which is, of course, a pity.

But better late than never!

Devotion of Suspect X made me think of Shogi

This book features both chess

and badminton

It isn’t subtle (nothing about this book is) but it shows the value of keeping fit mentally and physically.

One of the main characters is a Japanese quilter. I know nothing about this art form( I guess you would call it) but I certainly looked at some beautiful examples.

This one might be closer to the style of Ayane’s work.

This art form is definitely the work of careful planner. And Ayane is indeed a planner!

It may also be the translation, but some of the points are very heavy handed.

Still, don’t give up. I definitely got a surprise at the end!

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