Hudson and Halls Cookbook

by Peter Hudson and David Halls

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Coq au Vin

Crab Quiche

Chocolate Fondue

If you crave the tastes of the seventies (and given how steeply food prices have risen in NZ in the last twenty years, you may also need very deep pockets!) this could be the book for you!

Australian born Peter Hudson and British born David Halls met and fell in love in New Zealand. They ran shops in the Strand Arcade (the articles I’ve read mention a shoe and an ice cream shop, but I remember a Kitchenware shop) When they got a cooking show on New Zealand TV they were an overnight sensation. They were flamboyant and “out there” at a time when it was still illegal to be homosexual in NZ – and Kiwis loved them. Like most NZ programmes of the time (we just didn’t value our entertainment history) very little has survived, but here is a fragment.

When their show was cancelled, Hudson and Halls moved to the UK. Hudson died of cancer in 1992 and a heartbroken David Halls committed suicide a year later. I very much want to read [book:Hudson & Halls: The Food of Love|40593560] I hope to get to it later in the year.

So I blew the dust off my copy of this book, because I remembered it had a recipe for Chicken Livers with Orange Sauce (we had a glut of tangelos) that was rather good. And it was, but unfortunately I let the sauce evaporate too much. Still tasty.

There is a wonderful recipe for Silver Beet Stalks which I want to try, but many of the recipes are high in dairy food and with ingredients that are now eye popping prices.

But skimming through this book has been a wonderful trip down Memory Lane.

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