The Sixpenny Island

by Ruth Park

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

An old fashioned children’s story – and none the worse for that

Hasn’t every child dreamed of owning their own island?

The Swift family have moved to Sydney, Australia from the U.K. Mr Swift is seriously injured before he has even officially arrived in Australia, so he couldn’t start work. The two younger children buy a lottery ticket for 5 cents. And they win – an island in Queensland!

Now this is where the story gets cool. Older son Don is in the middle of Being A Moody Teen, but the parents are incredibly supportive and think – let’s check this island out. (I’m getting so used to children & YA books where the parents are just bit players in their offspring’s life) The parents’ positivity is one of the major points of this book. They just roll with all sorts of events. Well, maybe not Paula nearly drowning, but pretty much everything else. And life on the island is pure paradise.

I won’t write anything further. This book is both magical and rare, so if you can get hold of a copy do read it!…

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