Every Body Yoga: Let Go of Fear. Get On the Mat. Love Your Body

by Jessamyn Stanley

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I found this book empowering!

I used to be a slim, young thing but now I’m neither and nowadays I would prefer to do yoga in the comfort of my own home.

Most of the photos are nice and clear, although occasionally I couldn’t see exactly how a foot was positioned. And Jessamyn is so encouraging in her belief that if she could overcome her own negative self image , than anyone can. Jessamyn emphasises what Ihave been told by other yogis – that if your goal is weight loss and only weight loss, then yoga may not be the exercise programme for you. While I do want to lose weight, inner peace and maintaining flexibility are the most important things for me. Its very simple. if I want to lose weight, I need to put less food in my mouth.

I appreciated her biography, but it is spliced into the yoga routines. I would rather have my yoga book focused solely on yoga or even have the yoga routines at the back, so long term, Jessamyn’s yoga You Tube clips may be more helpful. I love the clips with her early, determined efforts. Jessamyn you are a diamond. Never change.

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