Georgette Heyer’s Regency World

by Jennifer Kloester

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I’ve owned this book for a few years now, and was lucky enough to have it signed by the author at the Georgette Heyer Conference in Sydney in 2016.

Jen was warm and lovely (and a really great public speaker.) It was a pleasure to meet her.

Very readable account of the times and it was fascinating to find out things you have always wanted to know like;

💞 What are crim. cons?
💞 What rules do the seconds have to follow when arranging a duel?
💞 When does a fashionable lady wear a carriage dress?
💞 Did you know that theatres of the time had to have a licence to operate.
💞 When Austen and Heyer talk about a letter writer crossing their lines, I pictures something completely different (and even more illegible!) than Jen’s example;

Fascinating stuff.

The black and white illustrations by Graeme Tavendale (often adapted from other artists’ work) were charming and enhanced my enjoyment of this book, as well as providing a convenient visual reference.

But there are also a few inaccuracies. Jen references Heyer novels the whole way through this book (minor spoilers for some, but that was not a problem for me as I have read all of Heyer’s Regency novels) But a Cotillion reference was wrong and a copy editor hasn’t aligned a table about money correctly (this must be so upsetting for the author) These aren’t the only examples, but they are frustrating for a Heyer fanatic. Little things like this mean that this book can’t be completely relied on as a reference source, but is fine for those of us whose interest is only casual.…

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