Acting on Impulse

by Georgette Heyer, Jennifer Kloester & Rachel Hyland

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book was my holiday treat!

I am a Heyer completist. GH, especially in her early years, wrote short stories for magazines for some quick money – and to refine her craft. I’m glad the determined Jennifer Kloester was able to unearth so many of these treasures. Jenn wrote forwards for each story and Rachel Hyland wrote the afterwards.

I loved Jennifer Kloester‘s introduction & as an avid GH fan myself, I was deeply envious of her experience pouring through old records in libraries and online, in the hope of finding some GH gold! One of my favourite parts of the book & it had me excited to read the short stories. 5★

I read some reviews & many of the reviewers didn’t like the forwards & afterwards for each story, so I only read them that way for A Proposal to Cicely. (only one of these short stories that I had read before) Even allowing for GH’s extreme youth, during past reads I haven’t liked this story – mainly because of my dislike of Cicely. Much to my surprise, I have always given this story 2.5★, but in spite of Rachel’s explanations of Our Heroine’s motives I just can’t go higher than that.

The Little Lady 

Oh boy, I really hated this one. Confused & mawkish. I hate to do this to a Heyer short story & yes, I know GH was very young when she wrote this but 1★

Lincke’s Great Case
(Tried Lynx as a pronunciation, finally ended up with Link-kezz.)

Read twice & liked better on the second reading, but still found it a bit weak. & a very weak romance. GH just can’t help herself! Jenn speculates that maybe GH’s father helped with the writing. Certainly this story lacks Gh’s usual sparkle. 2★

The Bulldog and the Beast Improbable but charming. This story was just intended to be a diversion, so in spite of all the improbabilities (view spoiler) I really enjoyed this. If I was a reader of the time, I would definitely be looking for more of GH’s works. 3.5★

Acting on Impulse I wasn’t a fan of the kidnapping part of the plot, but was still charmed by this tale, because of the delightful hero & heroine. Love the name Kenneth – I think it is due for a comeback! 3.5★

Whose Fault Was It?
I’m glad I decided to read this short story a second time before giving an opinion, as I liked it much better the second time around, although (view spoiler) But the rest of the story was light & fun, with a good moral. 4★

The Chinese Shawl
Charmed by this one, even though it wasn’t clear how Janet fit into Mary’s life. 4.5★

The Old Maid
Fresh,bright & funny.

Not deep, but who wants deep if you are in the dentist’s waiting room or putting your feet up with a magazine & a quick cuppa? Helen seemed like a real person & is one of the oldest of GH’s heroines.5★

Well, I was the lone voice from the Georgette Heyer Fans Group, but I loved this one, in spite of finding the beginning a bit confusing.Believed to be GH’s only romantic tragedy – something to treasure. 5★ & my favourite.

Rachel’s essay about vanished GH short story On Such a Night. Good, determined detective work & Rachel’s solution is plausible. 4★

I liked the forwards to the stories & loved finding out their publishing history. From memory, a couple of spoilers though. I found the afterwards became more & more negative as the book went on and a couple of them I wish I hadn’t read.

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